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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas!

I leave tomorrow after work for a trip to Tampa for Christmas.

This trip will be better than my Thanksgiving trip because 1) I won't be visiting my parents this time and 2) I will be meeting up with my good friend Lili whom I haven't seen since I visited Providence, RI, two Christmases ago. That year, Lili and I hung out with her ex-husband, Robert, much of the time. We had a blast eating, watching movies and MTV (trying to dance like the guy in that Polaroid song? You got to shake it, shake it, shake it), visiting Boston, shopping and acting like general bufoons.

That was the year Lili had to say goodbye to a very good friend of hers she had known for a couple of years. This friend of hers was taking a snowy walk with us in a cemetery one day when she disappeared. We looked everywhere for two hours, left our name and number with the cemetery office in case she happened to be found. I took a photograph of her that day, the last photograph ever taken of her. She has not been found since. Yes, Lili's winter cap she wore on the walk that day was her favorite. A few weeks later, I mailed Lili a photo of her wearing her favorite hat. I think Lili held a funeral service, because I got some sort of weird invitation in the mail a couple weeks later inviting me to a wake.


So, I'm trying to think of fun things Lili and I can fill our time with. There aren't that many gay clubs left in central Florida. That's what Lili and I used to do in Ybor City in the good old days when we first met 11 years ago: go to Masquerade on 7th Avenue and gyrate among all the pretty queers.

Two trips to Tampa ago, Tess and I found this huge club in downtown Tampa that bosts Saturday night as gay night. It's two stories tall with two bars on each floor, a well-hung bar dancer in a g-string, blaring electronic music and beds along one whole wall upstairs. I'm supposing the beds are for the voyeurs and exhibitionists alike. They appealed to me, because I'm both.

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy new year!!!!