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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A New Leaf in Cold Winter

Enough already. I've decided to snap out of my depression dilemma and have convinced myself that I'm going to convince myself that life

I'm meeting next week with a photography professor at Florida State University. He has kindly agreed to critique some of my photographs to let me know if I've got what it takes to take pretty pretty pictures. I've gone through all my photos and selected about 20 to show him first. I'm still waiting for my ordered copy of the 2006 photographer's market guidebook to arrive.

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no-nuthin said...

Doing things and being creative are THE way to break out of depression and its endless, self-defeating ruminations.

Believe me. I should know. I live in place I don't like where there's not much entertainment or social life - but a lot of churches. Still, I mostly only realize how much I dislike it when I slow down enough to think about it.

It's too bad about the Thanksgiving doldrums. To think: eating dinner with your "ex"? How depressing!!!