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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

World map discoveries

maarmie: (looking at a world map) Did you know...that the United an island?

C^: (with mock surprise) It is?

maarmie: Yes. And did you know...that southwest...of Scotland?

C^: Yes. I knew that.

maarmie: I don't understand...why they don't build a bridge.

C^: A bridge where?

maarmie: Between England...and France.

C^: That would be good. There's already a tunnel.

maarmie: (shocked because the map clearly does not indicate a tunnel) There is??? That's! I love tunnels!


Anonymous said...

God - what a yawn. Whoever said web-logs were the future of entertainment was so on the money, seeing as so much of what passes for entertainment is always already drab, self-indulgent, and ultimately, disposably - repellently, even - irrelevant. Keep up the good work.

maarmie said...

Thanks! Will do!