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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

'Tis the season

C* and The Boy finished decorating the house for Christmas last weekend. They walked to the islands near our house and cut some holly branches from trees for the making of wreaths, C*'s first-ever attempt at wreath-making. The Boy and I both agree that C* definitely has what it takes to make money this way. The wreaths turned out better than I ever expected.

This one's on the outside of the front door:

And this one's on a wall in the living room:

The mantel of our (unfortunately) nonworking fireplace holds our Christmas cards:

And the artificial tree C* put up two weekends ago has piles of presents surrounding it:

Since The Boy doesn't read my blog, I can spill the beans about what Santa brought him this year: art supplies and board games. Since C* reads my blog, though, I can't say what he got. With a cap on spending set at £20, my choices were limited.

But Christmas isn't about what you give, I suppose. It's about the feelings behind the giving.


C said...

Thanks for the compliments ... I still maintain the one on the front door should be subject to a restraining order as it definitely looks like it's gonna take a chunk out of anyone who gets too close !!

C said...

P.S. look at the amount of holly in that thing ... it was one bitch to get into a circle ... surprisingly, I'm not maimed or scarred for life!!