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Friday, April 25, 2008

And she's not even a teenager yet

When Elliot is cranky and/or doesn't get what she wants IMMEDIATELY and/or is being sooooo mistreated by being made to actually lie in her crib, she has taken to enjoying a little face gouging. Yes, I'm being literal. She actually claws at her own face with her own little pugdy hands in fitful, rageful acts of self harm.

Because of this, and because she likes to take a swing or two in our direction occasionally, we try to keep her fingernails short. But, even though we use teeny tiny baby nail clippers, she usually comes away from the ordeal with one or two bloody stumps where fingers once were.

The claw marks have healed now, but no one would tell us how beautiful our baby is if they saw her from certain angles when her hair is arranged a certain way. You see, our baby is experiencing a bit of hair loss, making her look like a geriatric resident of Comboverville:

Combine that with formula drool, tiny, beady, tired eyes and yellow scaly cradle cap on her head and eyebrows and you've got a baby who looks something like this. Isn't she delightful?


Anonymous said...

When A was Elliot's age, she started losing her hair, too, and she had the "horseshoe" look--bald on the top but still relatively full around the sides. We liked to joke about her "old man hair." Eventually she went completely bald.
This post made me laugh, especially "rageful acts of self harm." Hee.
Hope you're doing well. --JA

maarmie said...

: )