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Friday, April 22, 2005

10 Questions to Ask a Man Before You Get in Too Deep

1. Are you gay?
2. Are you still attached to your mother by an umbilical cord?
3. Have you had any severe head trauma?
4. Do you like to wear women's underwear? (A "yes" answer to this one isn't necessarily bad)
5. Are you a pedophile?
6. Are you neurotic/a narcissist/a sociopath?
7. Are more than 80 percent of your thoughts of a violent nature?
8. Do you spend more than 30 percent of your waking life grounded in reality?
9. Are you a goddamn liar?
10. Do you cry like a fucking banshee whenever a woman challenges you?

1 comment:

Wearysloth said...

So that's your ideal guy, huh?