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Sunday, August 06, 2006

What I just saw on TV

A really cute commercial that dragged me right in - until the end when I saw it was an ad for WAL-MART ORGANIC!

I'm so ashamed.


Annie said...

Perhaps we are all suspicious. Wal-Mart has a reputation for such cheap, knock-off stuff that organic foodstuffs there must surely be suspect!! Lt's call out the FDA for a ruling.

maarmie said...

I believe it's organic, but I think the way they do business will make the term "organic" mean way, way less than "organic." Wal-Mart loves forcing companies whose products they carry to sell them the items at lower and lower prices. I think this practice, in turn, will make lobbyists ask that the requirements for "organic" food be lowered so they can be grown more cheaply - just so they can be offered to Wal-Mart at the low price they require while still being profitable. That's the impact such a big retailer can have. It sucks.