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Saturday, October 21, 2006

New plan

Alternate decision time. I decided to put off law school for a year (Fall 2008) so I can pay off my debts, have plenty of time to study, take the test again, apply early.....and.....go to Europe for a month before I, hopefully, start law school.

I don't want to rush into anything, and there are things I have and want to do before I commit myself to years of singleminded study.


Annie said...

What resilience!

I read your "I did worse than I feared" post yesterday and decided to think about it before I responded. Now I'm glad, I did since you've worked out a new plan. I imagine you were very disappointed when you got your scores but it sure didn't take long for you to think of an alternative route to the desired goal.

maarmie said...

I was and am disappointed. But I know that I did the best I could at the time with my burned out brain and two hours of sleep. It was a mistake to rush into everything in the first place, but it's not a mistake that I want to go to law school. Yes, I'm worried that I will get sidetracked and never take the test again. But, I figure if this is really the direction I want to take, I will not change my mind in the span of a year.

Thanks, as always, for the kind words.

Annie said...

You're more than welcome.

kerewin said...

I think it is a great idea! I love to travel. There will always be another LSAT, there will not always be another chance to travel extensively.

James said...

As if the first year of law school is anything like the LSAT anyway. Hmph!

maarmie said...

I have to admit that I cringed when your first question to me was something along the lines of "do you really want to do this?" And hearing about your around-the-clock studying didn't make me any happier. Yes, I'll be glad to go to Europe for a month if and before I commit myself to that crap. I mean before I dedicate myself to three years of intense study so I can become a lawyer and help there be more justice in the world.