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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Stephen Colbert was here

Stephen Colbert came to speak at Florida State University's homecoming powwow last night. He wore a suit. He did his political bit. He added bits about Florida. He added bits about Florida State University football (rah! rah! rah!) and it's not like he really cared about Florida State's loooooosing team but it's the...bit?...that?...counts?

He's hot. I want to have his baby. Some other girl in the audience wanted HIM to have HER baby - and loudly proclaimed her passion to him and the other thousands who attented.

I took lots of bad photos at the event. This posting holds the best of the worst, including this one:

where Colbert was giving a geography lesson to show us that Tallahassee is where the balls of America would be - noticeable pause for comedic effect - if America HAD any balls. Hee haw! Snore!

He had a "today's word" to introduce a bit about how crazy/zany/weird/pick a word Floridians are

and talked about pot, being a college student, football, Florida, Bush, politics, blah, blah, blah. He was dynamic. He was, as always, cute. He tried to be funny. But with many of the same tired lines, it's kinda hard.

But I'm glad I went.

Because, if nothing else,

Colbert is a smart, little hottie

who can make my panties wet.


kerewin said...

Colbert gets me breathing heavy but it is Jon Stewart that gets my panties wet.


Peter said...

Colbert rocks. When they send me to the States these days I swear to fuck one of the things I look forward to most is catching up on Stewart & Colbert.

That and the flight attendants.

Anonymous said...

Damn your fist is hairy...

maarmie said...

Why, thank you, anon! I took an extra dose of testosterone that day. Wait! That's not my fist at all!!!!

savia said...