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Friday, November 30, 2007


Snot is oozing from my left nostril as I type this post. I've had this nasty cold for a couple of weeks now. Sneezing, runny nose, coughing. A total pain in the ass combined with late pregnancy blahs (I'm 30 weeks pregnant on Monday) that involve lower back pain, a sharp pain in my abdomen, constant peeing (mostly in my underwear), constipation and the staving off of the growth of stretch marks on the underside of my large melonious belly.

Baby girl has been kicking up a storm, too, mostly while I'm TRYING to sleep at night. During the day, she's quiet as a church mouse except for a few kicks after I eat lunch.

But as soon as I settle into bed, roll onto my left side and manage to drift off - bam! - there she goes walloping the inside of my gut. The movements, aside from being more than a little weird, are hugely comforting for me, but, as time trickles on, I get more and more scared about the labor part of this whole scenario. It's gonna happen, and it's gonna soon. Nothing I can do about it. This kid has to come out, and there's only two ways she can make her appearance. Neither one of these ways appeals to me, but I prefer to give birth vaginally, if possible. And I'm going to try and do it without a spinal block, too.

I have an appointment with the diabetes lady next week and another scan in a few weeks. I have been assured the little one is of average size considering her gestational age, so I'm not worrying about the obstetrician having to induce labor early. Still, that leaves 10 weeks at most until my body is ripped in half.

When are men going to take over this gruesome task?


Schmutzie said...

I was told once that your movements when you are moving around kind of rock the baby, and so it's when you lie down that they are no longer being rocked and wake up for action.

30 weeks already!

Anonymous said...

Hey, we already have to lift the toilet seat up and down on a regular basis. Now you want us to take over child-bearing responsibilities, too? This, when you all already know we cannot multi-task!

maarmie said...

Yes, Schmutzie. The moving around rocks the baby to sleep. And, yes, 30 weeks already. I feel every second of it, too.

Anonymous, you aren't giving your gender enough credit. My husband can eat AND watch TV at the same time. Look! He's doing it right now!