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Sunday, February 17, 2008

On the sixth day, she brought forth new life

The 12 days I just spent in the hospital had its ups and downs. The biggest "up" was that I got to go home with her:

But, before I could do that, I had to pay the price: five days of medically-generated on-and-off contractions, a 12-hour labor that was painful beyond belief and almost ended in a caesarian section and an incredible amount of sleep deprivation both before and, especially, after, the birth.

Miss no-name-as-of-yet baby had a rough and fitful first night at home last night. I'm assuming her tantrums were due to the strange surroundings she's found herself in as of late. After all, she was warm and cozy in my womb her entire life but was a week ago cruelly squeezed into this harsh world, bound by clothing, made to feel hunger and feed on her own, thrust into an incubator blindfolded under blue lights

and has now been brought into the entirely alien environment that is our home. I'm hoping her mood will level off with a bit of consistency.

I'll write more about the days leading up to the birth and the birth itself in future posts. I'm tired just now, though, and will leave you tonight with this photo I call "Love Feeding Love":


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more about her. She's beautiful. Did you try the soothing womb sounds that the teddy bear makes?


Anonymous said...

I'm stunned--and glad--that you were alert and feeling well enough to post this, after everything. :) She's a gorgeous little thing...and what a sweet photo. I'm glad you're all finally home. You're in my thoughts. --jeanette

maarmie said...

Haven't tried the teddy bear yet, but I may try that when she's unsettled. Might help for those up-all-night cry fests.

Thanks, Jeanette. : )