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Sunday, December 14, 2008

A happy little Christmas "fuck you!"

The tree is assembled. The decorations are hung. The presents are stacking up. It's almost Christmas, my favorite holiday of the year - behind Thanksgiving.

The greeting cards are rolling in as well. Yesterday, I received the obligatory card from my parents and opened it anticipating the yearly $200 check, the only way they have shown any sort of kindness or giving since I turned 18 and their poor substitute for any actual love or good feelings.

No check. Just a generic card signed with love from dad and mom that not only contained no check but made no mention of Elliot at all. No check for us. Nothing for Elliot. You know, their granddaughter? The one they've never met? The one they were supposed to meet this summer but now aren't going to meet because they cancelled their trip and didn't tell me but told my brother who then told me?

So. To recap: no check for maarmie. No gift for or even mention of Elliot.

I called my brother yesterday to see if he got a check. To find out if this "no check" thing is universal and not just a happy little Christmas "fuck you" from them to me. I left a message and haven't heard back.

I know I've mentioned before that the annual check is pretty meaningless to me, and, don't get me wrong, I don't really care about its absence. What I DO care about is that they can't even see past their greed enough to send their new granddaughter a stupid little trinket for her first goddamn Christmas! They so totally suck.

Update: My brother didn't get a check, either. He guesses they're too strapped for cash right now. Too strapped that they couldn't get their granddaughter a stuffed animal for her first Christmas, I suppose, but not strapped enough to forgo that gambling vacation for my dad's birthday. Bloody hell!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that the parental units haven't changed after all. M

maarmie said...

I'm sorry, too. I haven't talked to them in at least 4 months.