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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ho ho hum

So much spending and effort has been put into this whole Christmas thing already, and I doubt the day itself will actually match all the hype.

I just get more and more mad every time I think about my parents not getting Elliot anything for Christmas, especially since gifts keep rolling in for her from Chris' family and friends. Nothing at all from my family for her, and, in fact, not one Christmas card from anyone in my family except my parents.

They say Christmas is about giving, not receiving, but - screw that! I don't want to feel like I'm thinking of and appreciating the special people in my life and not being remembered and appreciated in return.

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Pete said...

Hey Jules - Keep an eye on the post because there's a box heading your way - I'm not confident it will get to you by xmas since I didn't get it out till last week (I'm a slacker). Till then, I hope your holiday is full of grace & happiness and, you know, not a pain in the ass...

xx Pete