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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Operation Save America from Operation Save America

Operation Save America (formerly known as Operation Rescue) is an organization of violent right-wing religious activists whose members will flock to Jackson, Mississippi, between July 15 and 22 to cause trouble for the state's last remaining abortion clinic. Referring to the gate around the clinic as the "gates of hell" and referring to the clinic as an "abortion mill," Operation Save America Director Flip Benham is urging members to do what they have done in other cities containing clinics: show up in droves to frighten doctors and patients and disrupt the business of the clinic in the hopes of shutting it down.

I will hopefully be in Jackson that week as a National Organization for Women volunteer during a week of activities aimed at protesting the protestors. Members of Operation Save America don't just protest, though, they harass patients and take out newspaper ads meant to incite violence against abortion doctors.

According to, Operation Save America blockades the doors of abortion clinics, picket doctors' homes and hold protests outside gay bars and progressive churches, all part of the group's regressive agenda of intimidation. NOW will be countering some of these measures with a kick-off rally, a march on the state capitol to demand protection for women and girls and the registration of pro-choice voters. I can't wait to help let Operation Save America members know there are still people out there who value their right to choose.

According to the NOW Web site, Operation Save America has gathered at abortion clinics in Boulder, Colorado; Columbus, Ohio; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Dallas, Texas. Abortion is now illegal in South Dakota and is threatened with legislation in at least six other states.

If Roe v. Wade is ever overturned and Florida decides to ban abortion, you can bet I'll be running a clandestine abortion clinic out of my apartment. Abortion doctors who would like to volunteer their services can e-mail me at

Note: Squidley wanted to let me know that I went against the grain when I used the term "abortion doctor" to mean "doctor who performs abortions." I will refer, instead, to abortionists as "doctors who kill fetuses before they are old enough to complain."

As unpalatable as abortion may be - and the words used to describe those who perform them - I assure you I am pro-choice. I say this remembering that my own abortion in 1997 was unpleasant to say the very least and not at all the trip to Disneyland I was hoping it would be.


squidley said...

"Abortion doctor" is a term usually used by the anti-choice crowd. May I suggest you use the term that abortion providers themselves use? As I'm sure you know, it's "gynecologist."

maarmie said...

How about if I use the word murderer? Kidding!

Not all gynecologists perform abortions, as you may well know. When I had my abortion, I think there were only three doctors in all of Tallahassee who would do it. Tis a very specialized procedure.

palinode said...

Save America now from creepy violent anti-choicers.

Squidley said...

Yes, I am aware that not all gynecologists provide abortions. However, my understanding is that gynecology includes a lot of surgical training, and that abortion is one of the standard procedures that is learned. I also understand that it is precisely because of the actions of Operation Rescue and others of that ilk that many gynecologists choose not to provide abortions.

While I think that abortion is the second-worst form of birth control (infanticide is #1), I also think that it is a necessary skill for gynecologists to learn, and a necessary service to provide. Not all abortions are done for reasons of birth control.

You're the first pro-choicer I've met who calls gynecologists "fetus-killers." Very interesting. Then again, anti-choicers usually use the term "baby-killer."

maarmie said...

Actually, Squidley, hardly any medical students are choosing to learn how to perform abortions anymore. According to the latest information (The New York Times) doctors who perform abortions are seen as the low-life trailer trash of doctors these days. Medical students have so many required courses, most are opting out of optional abortion lectures.

Oh, and I don't normally refer to abortion providers as fetus killers. I was just being cheeky.

savia said...

I'm glad that there are people out there like you who are willing to stand up for our right to choose. Good luck with the protesting of the protest ;)

Squidley said...

We may be talking apples and oranges here. Med students aren't required to learn how to perform abortions, and many are opting not to, but I believe that all gynecologists are required to learn this and many other surgical procedures (though I'm not up on my medical board requirements these days ;-) I suppose I could always ask The Little Woman's OB/GYN when we see her next.