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Saturday, November 03, 2012

96 bottles of beer on the wall...

So I get this text message last night from CF replying to a text I had sent him a week ago asking how he was doing. CF and I have kept in touch sporadically through infrequent texts and contact on Facebook. Mostly, a million annoying pokes from CF on Facebook. We have only ever met in person once and have only talked on the phone three times or so since then. I met him on Plenty of Fish, a dating site that, considering the vast array of mouthbreathers who can't even spell or have one original thought, should be renamed Plenty of Fucktards.

So, in case you don't remember, CF has a fiancee who lives in England. They travel quite often to see each other and keep in touch a bit on Facebook as well, where they post strange public proclamations of undying love and show off their tattoos of the others' name. Last time I was on the phone with him, we talked briefly about meeting up again sometime in person but have not talked since, and, supposedly, his fiancee had seemed supportive of he and I meeting up in person for a catchup.

So, this text. I sent him an innocent text just asking how he was doing and I get this text back a week later saying things were fantastic because his fiancee had been in town for the week. Then he tells me not to text him anymore but to keep in touch only on Facebook to "keep things on an even keel" at his house regarding his fiancee. He said he wouldn't like her receiving texts from her male Facebook friends, and he ended the text with a cheeky grin emoticon!

The cheeky grin did not lessen the sting but somehow enhanced it. So completely clueless. How does someone send a text saying "I don't want to be real-life friends with you anymore" and then end it with a cheeky grin?

OK. I can't even comprehend this right now.

OK. I will now attempt to deconstruct.

As best as I can figure out, this text means one of two things:

1.  He's full of shit. His fiancee isn't or wouldn't be angry about the text but, for whatever reason, he has decided he just wants inane comments or pokes from me on Facebook; or

2.  His relationship is completely insecure and filled with jealousy and unrealistic/controlling demands. In that case, I don't think my text is his biggest problem.

My first instinct was to get mad and to be hurt. CF and I had been more than Facebook friends, I thought. We have talked about really personal things on the phone and shared all our problems with each other. The last conversation we had on the phone had been really good.

I immediately wrote out a text in response asking him if he was kidding. Deleted that. I thought about writing another text asking him if he was crazy. I thought about writing another text telling him that he needs to get some trust in his relationship. I thought about writing another text saying that he should just be honest and tell me he doesn't want to be friends with me anymore. But I never wrote out another reply, and I will not be sending him one.

The only reason for replying would be to somehow try and bolster my wounded ego. But he and his cheeky grin have shown me what he thinks of me in the end, and some people just aren't worth the effort. One good thing about Facebook: The "delete" button is just so easy to use.

Now, I have one less bottle of beer.

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