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Friday, February 17, 2006


maarmie takes a sidestep so she's standing in front of a coworker, not allowing her to pass through the hallway. smiles.

coworker: Judi! maarmie's being mean to me. She won't let me through!

maarmi shuffles over into Judi's line of sight. to Judi: I was voted "friendliest" in fifth grade. Do you really think I'd ever be mean to her?

Judi: You were voted what?

maarmie: Friendliest.

coworker: You remember that from fifth grade?

maarmie: Yeah. (whispers to coworker) That was before life ripped my fucking heart out.

Laughter all around.


dsvkubnkusdbfib said...

What a co-inky-dink I'm fuckin'laughing at you too. Must be catching! Oh, no wait it must just be the smell of feces on your breath.

doppelganger throwback said...

don't you think you ought to change the name of your blog from 'maarmie's musings' to something more apropos? let's see now... what about 'victim's ventings,' or suchlike?

maarmie said...

You have a right to your own opinion, doppelganger. This blog is intended mostly for entertainment purposes. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it.

doppelganger throwback said...

never fear; i'm hugely entertained...

immanuel kant said...

I sit here stunned by the sharp intellectual wit that John G. possesses. Man, "feces on your breath" - that's slick. Most people won't even catch the hidden message in that, the cute double entendre, the irony. Man. That's rich. Oops, I was confused, actually his post reads like someone in 5th grade who "likes to be on the Internet". I think John is secretly a gay, Jewish, black female who hates himself (herself) so he (she) puts up a picture of Charlie Sheen and fancies himself (herself) to be a racist piece of shit.

I could be wrong.