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Friday, February 10, 2006

Readers Respond

And I respond back! A recent reader commented about the post titled "I'm in the Mood for...Backgammon!"

Doppelganger Throwback said, "But did you mention you'd be locating him quite so precisely on your internet radar... ?"

My response: "I actually already tried to find him on the Internet using what limited info I know about him. I came up with Andrew Yuncken, Andrew Shanks and Andrew McAuley, all of whom appear to be television editors in Australia. I don't think it's any of them, though, for some reason."

I guess my aptitude as a private investigator isn't what I thought it was.

Did I happen to stress enough my love of yahoo! backgammon? One can "meet" all kinds of interesting people on there from all over the world. Even celebrities are doing it! One time, I played for almost an hour against Eric McCormack, the hottie who plays Will on "Will & Grace." No, really. It was him. He told me so himself. Honest!

Even though there are people in there from most every country, people who speak different languages and have entirely unique ways of looking at the world, I always have at least one thing in common with anyone I play against. No matter where they're from, they all seem to hate George W. Bush just as much as I do.

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