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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Minimum Wage?

Tallahassee has its very own hangout for Greens and Reds and almost any other Christmas color you can think of. The hangout is appropriately titled The Progressive Center - a place where nonprofits can set up offices for cheap that also includes a civil rights museum, a fair trade store, a cafe and works of art made by local artists. Every week, a variety of activities take place there: concerts, film viewings, meetings of local chapters of various groups including Tallahassee NOW, screenings of Bush's latest state of the union address or debate or the latest Michael Moore endeavor.

Last night, during a screening of the film "Matewan" - a movie about coal miners struggling to form a union - I learned that employers sometimes treat their employees poorly and sometimes provide them with unfair pay and unsafe working conditions. Who would have guessed?

Alito: Boo!

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