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Sunday, July 23, 2006

I got stood up today

OK. So I'm interested in dating. So I'm out running errands yesterday. So I see this guy working at one of my errand locations, and we strike up a conversation. So he reminded me of a first-term Bill Clinton in voice and looks. So I found him to be really funny and he seemed to know a lot about politics and foreign affairs - qualities that helped me start to move past his southern twang. So we seemed to hit it off. So he said he'd love to have me come up there so we could talk again. So I called there later to give him my number. So he called me when he got off work. So I wasn't there but called him back using the number he left. So it was his cell phone, and he called me back while he was out walking his dog (a golden retriever named Molly). So I learned he was as into NASCAR (strike one) as he was into nature (plus one) and traveling (major plus one). So, except for a couple of red flaggy feelings I got, he seemed nice enough and invited me to lunch today. So he said he'd call this morning. So, at 11:45 when the phone still hadn't rung, I went to the gym. So I got home at 1, and he still hadn't called. So I called his cell phone, and the 44-year-old asshole didn't have the guts to answer. So I left a message that said, "I guess we're not going out to lunch today. It's not nice to stand people up. Bye."

So I'm feeling majorly rejected. So back to square one.

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