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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On going back on your word

More than a week ago, I told the tale of a not-so-typical trip to the library. I promised the kind librarian who renewed my book even though it was on hold for someone else that I would turn it it the following Monday. I ended up turning it in a week after I said I would - and I never even finished the book or felt bad about going back on my word. In fact, I let people go ahead of me in line at the library when I turned it in (I had other books on hold and needed to get a refund on the book I lost and paid for - I found it!) so I could avoid said kind librarian. Maybe I'm turning into a sociopath. I never would have done this kind of thing in the past. Definitely indicative of antisocial behavior, wouldn't you say? Normally, when I give someone my word, that's my word - that's me. I don't take it lightly. Sadly, you don't find that in people too much anymore. I'm not going to be one of those people. Lord, give me the strength to change my villainous ways!


Annie said...


Most of us have some touch of one or more of psychiatric disorders (it's an industry, after all). I guess we all wonder about ourselves now and again.

Speaking against you having this personality disorder, you're not male, you have regard for others & you are quite honest (in your blog, anyway). So before you are ready to diagnose yourself, check out the description. Here's one from the Merck Manual:

Antisocial Personality
People with an antisocial personality (previously called psychopathic or sociopathic personality), most of whom are male, show callous disregard for the rights and feelings of others. Dishonesty and deceit permeate their relationships. They exploit others for material gain or personal gratification (unlike narcissistic people, who exploit others because they think their superiority justifies it).

And if you do decide you have some of the flavor of this disorder, there is a positive side: The disorder tends to diminish or stabilize with age.

maarmie said...

I was joking...But thanks for your concern! : )

Professor Girl said...

"narcissistic people...exploit others because they think their superiority justifies it"

This is me!
Me! Me! Me!

maarmie said...

Um...Maybe I'm wrong. I doubt it, though. But this blog is a place to talk about ME! ME ME ME ME ME ME ME! NOT YOU! : )

OK...I read more of your blog and saw your posts about you being a...slut? Or fearing that you're a slut. Or neurotically thinking you're a slut? I don't know. What's the definition you're operating under? If you're a slut, then I'm probably something-worse-than-a-slut. I certainly don't think fooling around with a boyfriend and getting caught by the cops makes someone a slut. I'm glad you are trying to teach your son to avoid use of that word. I hope it sticks.

Professor Girl said...

I don't think I'm a slut. A skank? Sure. A floozy? Absolutely. A woman-of-questionable-character? C'est moi.

The post from 6/28 is where the slut-ponderings got started. These posts are right now just ponderings that will eventually morph into an essay for a book I'm working on.

maarmie said...

Ah. A book. That's what I'm supposed to be doing. Writing a book. I'm delaying.

Anyway, I got busted in the woods in a car with my first boyfriend. We were both naked when the cop car appeared. He got dressed quickly. I did not. So he was sitting there fully clothed when the cop walked up and I was in pants and holding a shirt in front of my boobs. The cop said "I know you're just discussing foreign affairs, but take it somewhere else."

Funny stuff, man!