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Monday, April 03, 2006

Film: Anatomie de l'Enfer

Boy meets girl in a gay club. Boy, the well-endowed Rocco Siffredi, takes girl to the hospital after girl, played by Amira Casar, opens her wrist with a razor. Out of gratitude, girl gives boy a blowjob and makes boy an offer. In exchange for money, boy is to watch girl naked for four nights and tell her what he sees.

Directed by Catherine Breillat, Anatomie de L'Enfer (Anatomy of Hell) is a titillating little film that prompted me to straddle my pillow and brought me to orgasm in three minutes or less. Nudity and sex scenes included, this is a serious film that explores how women are oftentimes assessed based solely on the physical and analyzes female sexuality from the viewpoint of someone who ostensibly is impartial to it and immune to the traps women are said to set for heterosexual men using their breasts and birth canals as bait.

French with English subtitles

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Jeremy said...

You had me at nudity.