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Thursday, April 20, 2006

There are gonna be some changes around here, see

In an effort to make this site more interesting, I have added a couple of items to your right: a list of books I'm currently reading and films that are waiting at home to be watched. These lists will be continuously updated, and images of the items will be added as well. I will also be a good girl and add more links to other blogs and sites I deem fresh.

Hopefully, in the months to come, I will be working on a major overhaul of maarmie's musings - as soon as I learn how to use the Web design software I recently...acquired.

Any suggestions on a new look for the site? I'm tired of the color scheme here: depression blue and white. I was thinking of something bright and peppy to offset my usual gruffness and rancor. I already plan on using more photographs in the future. I want maarmie's musings to become the USA Today of blogs.

E-mail suggestions to me at maarmie at hotmail dot com.



Ally said...

Photos make any blog more fun!

d.g. t.b. said...

Bile-coloured sounds good to me.

maarmie said...

Please, d.g. t.b., look deep into your heart and tell me what color is "bile."

no-nuthin said...

Here is a reference to the Four Cardinal Humors, including bile;

Anonymous said...

Lots of pictures of milkshake mo-chines.

maarmie said...

An explanation of the previous comment: A friend of mine and I were talking about what we would do with the money if we ever won the lottery. I talked about world travel, buying a home in France and possibly setting up a nonprofit. My friend's reply? "I'd buy a milkshake machine. Do you know how great it'd be to be able to make a milkshake anytime you wanted one?"

Friend, your recent fascination with milkshake machines is turning into an obsession.

Anonymous said...