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Friday, April 07, 2006

Film: Leolo

Have you ever had the urge to see a certain kind of film but you didn't think the kind of film that would satisfy your deep and dirty cravings could possibly ever legally exist? One that would combine insanity, filth, childhood sexuality and the raping of declawed animals? One that would include the sight of a 300-plus pound behemoth of a woman taking a large crap on the toilet, her toddler son learning how not to poo in his pants by watching her as he sits, screaming, on his pint-sized potty nearby?

Two young boys get pleasured by an older woman simultaneously while they grope under her dress and wrap their greedy hands around her boobs. A 15-year-old (or so) girl sits naked from the waist up while grandpa, fat-bellied and soaking in a bubbly tub, moans and groans as she clips his dirty toenails with her teeth. Baby, you know what grandpa likes! A small boy's much older brother gets a mouthful of pubic hair after he chomps into part of a pork kidney his brother had recently wanked one off inside while looking at nudie magazines in the bathroom.

Directed by Jean-Claude Lauzon, "Leolo" is, plainly and simply, about growing up among family members who are as savage as they are kind. It's about the vulgarities of the everyday - magnified by 100 - and the horrendous things that can be passed from one generation to the next through both DNA and the culture and norms of the family. Leolo, played by Maxime Collin, learns how to cope in a highly dysfunctional family by concocting a fertile alternate reality in which to exist.

The imagery and incidents in this film disturbed even me, and I highly recommend it.

French, of course, with English subtitles


Jeremy said...

You just described my childhood. I smell a lawsuit.

gp said...

This reads like a pro's review. You should send out some resumes. But I wouldn't necessarily recommend the named film as a first writing sample.

palinode said...

I loved that film. And I thought it was nice that the boy who raped the cat wasn't a smoker as well.

maarmie said...

What was extra nice was that the cat had the sense to ask the boy to use a condom. *wink*