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Friday, May 19, 2006

Blister in the sun

Today, I am reminded why I hate Florida in the summertime.

It's hot. It's stunningly sunny. It's muggy. I like the sun but only from the protection of dense shade. I like warm weather but only if it's followed by 10 months of cool and cold. I like humidity but only if I'm sitting in a sauna.

Give me the desert. Give me Alaska or Montana or Denver. But don't give me a steamy, summer Florida day off work wandering out in the sun in search of magazines, new books and music, an alternate CD filing system and a power cord for my scanner.

It's been a long day already, and it's only 2 p.m. I took today off work to get my life in order without blowing my entire weekend. Though I thought I would end up shrugging off my chores in favor of a movie I want to see (Art School Confidential), that hasn't happened. I've actually been pretty productive. You might even stay I stayed the course, but, for some reason, I have an aversion to that particular word order and combination.

Out of bed at 7, scrubbing the kitchen floor to the musical stylings of Mazzy Star by 7:30. The kitchen floor is clean enough to have surgery on now, and all the dishes, counters and other surfaces are nice and clean (I need a synonym for clean, people!). I also dusted and swept the carpet, filed the paid bills, took out the garbage, stacked the books, cleared off most surfaces.

Things here really HAVE gotten out of control lately. Believe it or not, I'm totally a Type A organization freak. I can tolerate a certain amount of messiness but not really clutter. And if it gets too bad, I start to freak because it feels like the walls are caving in and the piles of old mail and newspaper and books will cave in, topple on my head and suffocate me and the dirt will seep through my skin and into my nostrils and ears and various other orifices and worms will think it's cozy and will move in with their little t(T?)upperwares full of whatever it is they eat and I will be infested and have to go to the doctor for some kind of pills or shot or suppository to get rid of the infestation and the medicine or procedure will get rid of most of the critters but one or two might be too strong to kill and they will multiply and haunt me for the rest of my days which are numbered because, well, remember the suffocation?

I still need to clean the bathroom, do my laundry and get a new organization system for my CDs. I have too many to keep in their cases, so I file them away in those little organizers and stow the liner notes in a plastic, lidded bin in my closet. I want the liner notes to be joined with their counterparts once again, though, and I have run out of room in my current CD case. Plus, Type A here, I need my CDs to be in alphabetical order or I don't feel complete. This overflow just isn't working for me.

I looked around a little today, but I still haven't found what I'm looking for. That goes double for a power cord for my scanner (Microtek ScanMaker X6 EL) that is apparently only sold in Indonesia these days. Just my two cents, but I like my legal-size scanner much better than those phone/fax/scanner things they sell now. Guess I'm old school.

At Borders after meeting with my Guardian ad Litem case coordinator (took a new case today), I discovered a boss new band: Cloud Cult/Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus.

While I was there, I also picked up the most recent issues of Time and Adbusters. The cover story in Time this week is, of course, about CIA bastard Michael Hayden and how he's got his filthy hands all over our phone conversations. There's also a story in there about Bush and his big, ole problem with Iran. I won't enjoy all the bad news, but it always pays to know thine enemy.


The Misanthrope said...

I put my Cds in groupings of the bands as well as in categories of jazz, rock, classical.

maarmie said...

You cad! I was thinking of buying several organizers and labeling them A-G, H-P, etc. It sucks when I spend hours organizing them alphabetically and then I buy a new album and have to rearrange all the rest to fit it in. You would think there would be a better way!!!!!!!!