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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The coolest car in the world

My friend, Michael, owns what is perhaps the coolest car in the world. The only improvements I can think of for it would be a deafening stereo system with a CD player, satellite radio and tons of huge-ass speakers/a subwoofer/et cetera ad infinitum and perhaps a gash through the floor for easy trash or urine disposal or for use as a vomit hole if driving while extremely intoxicated.

I had the pleasure of whizzing around at 12 miles to the gallon in this primo machino Friday afternoon to get to and from Art School Confidential, a film that truly had the potential to be half as great as this car but missed it by a few thousand points.

Though Michael is spoiled by a sweet medium-grey Jaguar and two Lexuses (Lexusi?), this is, by far, his favorite vehicle in the fleet. I get hot just catching a tiny whiff of its immense and awesome stench.

Michael on the phone with the woman who keeps him in cool cars

One-point-something thousand pounds of metallic bliss

This five-speed can punch it. I am forever encouraging Michael to speed to my heart's content

Two symbols of opulence - the Porsche crest and the optional bronze faux-rust applique

The lap of luxury

It just needs to be detailed...

...or perhaps just a good dusting?

Why would anyone even want to keep an eye on the losers pulling up the rear?

You can tell old money paid for these wheels


The Misanthrope said...

I'm glad cars do not interest me.

maarmie said...

Does. Not. Compute. You know, they say the only reason men are into cars is because they know women are into cars. I don't know if that's altogether true, but I do know that, even though I prefer public transportation, I stop in my tracks when I see an awesome vehicle.

Jeremy said...

I think I have a "car"d on.